What to Know Before Applying

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What to Know Before Applying

Post by Ander » Wed Feb 01, 2012 3:56 pm

What you will need to raid:

Vent: Ventrilo is the talkie program of choice for Seems Legit and it is required for running operations. It can be downloaded for free here. Having a mic is another big plus.

A positive attitude: We all have our moments of nerd rage and no one will fault you for having to go to the store to buy a new keyboard from time to time. After all, it's hard to be a brave adventurer after you take a keyboard to the knee. That said, we like to keep vent and general chat mostly positive, we're here to have fun and play a game, not to deal with your issues of neglect because your parents tried to abort you.

Some time on your hands: Our raids are Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday from 7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. server time. We generally expect a 75% attendance ratio from our raiders. There's going to be no one keeping track of your attendance or looking over your shoulder, but if you clearly can't make the attendance grade, you will be dropped to casual member rank.

This attendance requirement still only breaks down to 9 nights a month, so if you can't make that, then we're not the right guild for you.

A couple epics: Gear requirements are pretty lax atm, but you should at least have a few hard mode epics if you're serious about raiding.

Game face: As in all mmo's, there is fire, don't stand in it. We may not be the most hardcore bunch in the world, but we're not raiding to waste our time either. Bring consumables (usually stims) for progression fights, repair before hand, and watch videos on the fights, which are usually posted in the forums.

Once again, no one will be looking over your shoulder but if you're consistently slacking it will be noticed. On the other hand if you're consistently prepared and applying yourself, that will be noticed even more!

If our guild sounds like it's the right fit for you, apply here. See you in game!
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